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Welcome to my new website. I think you'll find it more user friendly.

As you enter this site you'll find up to date information regarding my activities. This includes descriptions of services such as divinations and life guidance counseling; creative projects and editorial consultations; local and online classes and workshops; conference weaving and keynote address; performances and public rituals.

Of special interest is the addition of Dahomey Royal Design House, my new art business. Be sure to visit the House to view pieces from my collections and original works of art for sale. I also provide unique designs of sacred objects, wearable art, and temple and home decor that address your spiritual and social needs (these by special arrangements).

Here you will also find links to discussion groups, a recommended reading list, affiliates, and organizations of interest

Everything on this site is interconnected to everything else. So browsing around will give you a holistic view of the many options available and provide ways to connect and get involved.


Teish and Leilani will be presenting at

Gathering of the Ages:

An Intergenerational Equinox Celebration of Indegenous
Wisdom In Contemporary Times

Friday 9/19/14 7:00 PM to
Sunday 9-21-14 12:00 PM

for more information

Story Magic Course on Shift Network

Alafia good people:

It’s Not Too Late:

Just in case you missed the free class I presented on the Shift Network call, I’m sending this note to let you know that its not too late to sign up for the class that I’ll be doing with them April 30-June 18. Registration is open until May 7th.

As you know storytelling is an ancient and powerful way to communicate with your inner self, the people around you and the worlds of nature and spirit.

Every culture in the world has a tradition of telling stories as a way to explain the workings of nature and to guide and direct human life.

In these sessions we will activate the energy of metamorphosis, use the power of story to enter the chrysalis and change from caterpillar to butterfly.

You will meet the archetypes present in the fairy tales of your childhood and the movies of your adulthood. You will be introduced to the powers of the Orishas, the Egyptian deities and the nature spirits of the world and understand their relevance to your life.

You are invited to join a community of creative people who are also in the process of transforming their lives, and to make connections through story sharing.

As many of you know I have been teaching and performing storytelling for over 30 years in communities around the world.

I am especially jazzed about this session because it will be shard by people on every continent.

This is material that can by used by teachers, artists, spiritual guidance counselors, writers, parents, business leaders and d anyone who simply loves story and wants to have a good time.

And the price is very reasonable.

So click the link below, register for the class and prepare to be transformed.

And I'll see you inside the safety of the chrysalis.

Walk good, rest well

L. Teish

PS: A little something for you.

To Our Kindred Spirits

This is an announcement to all Earth Lovers of the birth of “On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Lands,” a new book by Luisah Teish and Leilani Birely.

On Holy Ground is a self-published, quality paperback. It contains our personal stories, cultural myths and folktales, prayers, chants, rituals and exercises to help you define your relationship to Mother Earth and Her Children. It also contains photographs from our travels to several sacred sites and our original artwork. This book will be useful to those wishing to travel as kindred spirits, to address ecological and environmental issues, and to experience the joys of rituals in nature.

Order Your Copy Now. You can order your single autographed copy for $17.95 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling via PayPal through Leilani's website here.